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UV Flash Dry C1

The UV Flash Dry C1 was developed in cooperation with BMW and Standox to reduce the time needed to repair micro spots on the painted car body.

The spectral emission of the UV Flash Dry C1 matches the characteristics of the UV clear coat from Standox, resulting in an extreme fast curing time of 10 s.
Due to the fast curing the painted surface does not heat up and the repair process can be finished immediately after the curing.


  • Designed for the repair of micro spots
  • Time for UV curing 10 s
  • High working safety due to the proximity switch, which allows the start of the UV curing process only when the unit is pressed onto the coated surface
  • Press and hold two push buttons simultaneously to start the UV curing process
  • Bar grips with additional push buttons
  • Low heating of the coated surface
  • Active cooling with silent fan
  • Highest load capacity of electronics and flash tube
  • Aluminium drawn cased housing with metal sides
  • Multivoltage (90 V – 240 V) high performance switch power supply
  • Off-grid operation in combination with Hensel Power Max L (optional accessory)


Code no. 22203
Irradiance UV 200-400 nm 93 mJ/m² per flash (measured from a distance of 0.5 m)
Drying area 8 cm x 8 cm
Time for UV curing 10 s
Stored energy 135 J
Flash tube Plug-in style, lifetime 1 million flashes (reduction of the spectral intensity by 20 %)
Mains voltage Multivoltage 90-240 V
Quick-change automatic for reflector yes
Weight approx. 4.9 kg
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 38 cm x 25 cm x 26.5 cm

Application Areas