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UV Flash Dry 15/700

We developed the UV Flash Dry 15/700 for the spot repair market. The primers, putties and clear coats from Standox and Spies Hecker are tailor made for our system allowing extreme short drying times.


  • Designed for spot repair.
  • Time savings of up to 70% compared to conventional IR drying.
  • Higher through put in your body shop
  • Press and hold simultaneously two push buttons starts the UV curing process.
  • Low heating of the coated surface.
  • Highest load capacity of electronics and flash tube
  • Aluminium drawn cased housing with metal sides
  • Off-grid operation in combination with Hensel Power Max L (optional accessory)


Code no. 999
Irradiance UV 200-400 nm 369 mJ/m² per flash (measured from a distance of 0.5 m)
Drying area 25 cm x 25 cm
Time for UV curing 60 s
Stored energy 1500 J
Blitzröhre Plug-in style, lifetime 250,000 flashes (reduction of the spectral intensity by 20 %)
Mains voltage 230 V
Quick-change automatic for reflector ja
Weight ca. 25 kg
Overall dimensions (L x B x H) 66 x 55 x 105 cm

Application Areas